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LWYSA uses this system to permit our recreational teams to find and sign up for practice fields and times for their use during the fall season. The system is available for coaches or team managers at a time to be announced in late July. At this time, the Crossfire Premier and Crossfire Select programs have made the decision to continue to allocate practices using an office staff member. Coaches or Managers of Crossfire Teams should follow the procedures provided by office staff when requesting practice times.

For all questions related to Field Scheduling...
Team members should begin by contacting their team representative who is responsible for scheduling practices. This is normally the coach or team manager.

Coaches or Team Managers should follow the procedures and schedule for signing up for practices.

If additional help is required, the team representative should contact the appropriate Club Field Coordinator.

You need help using the Fields Website or have a comment or suggestion about the use of the Website
In general, you should contact your Club's Field coordinator. They will be able to answer most questions related to the use of the web site and will be able to answer questions about the fields within their Club and address questions unique to your club.

If you are experiencing a problem using the web site that is strictly technical (you have looked at help and FAQs and the darn thing just won't let you log on, or you can't even get to the web pages described) you can also send an email to refereeadministrator@lwysa.org with a copy to refereewebmaster@lwysa.org. NOTE: Yes, it does say "referee". The technical support person for the referee web site is the same as for the fields web site. These people CANNOT assign you to a practice time, but they can help you resolve some problems and navigate the system if you are unable to reach your Club Coordinator.