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Please select the LWYSA Referees MatchTerm you personally observed during the previous 15 days by setting the appropriate Criteria and clicking "Show". Click on the Match Number in the "Key" column to see the details associated with the Match. You can initiate an Evaluation of the center Referee for a specific Match by clicking on the appropriate symbol LWYSA in the proper row and column intersection.

KeyDateTimeLeagueGenderLevelFieldTeams Evaluate Ref
266141/27/20157:15 pmChampCupBU16MM Turf 4CP B98 Pingrey - B v...lwysa
266151/25/20155:00 pmChampCupBU16MM Turf 2CP B98 Collings - A ...lwysa
266431/25/20155:00 pmRCLBU12GrasslawnCP B02 Raftery C vs ...lwysa
266471/25/20155:00 pmRCLBU13MM Turf 4CP B01 Wiskel vs Pac...lwysa
266301/25/20154:30 pmRCLBU10Redmond High SchoolCP B04 Korn vs Easts...lwysa
265791/25/20153:00 pmChampCupBU16MM Turf 1Crossfire Select B98...lwysa
266291/25/20153:00 pmRCLBU10Redmond High SchoolCP B05 Letherman vs ...lwysa
266421/25/20153:00 pmRCLBU12Hartman ParkCP B02 Lugo D vs Pac...lwysa
266481/25/20153:00 pmRCLGU13MM Turf 5CP G01 Rowe B vs 3RS...lwysa
266541/25/20153:00 pmRCLGU16MM Turf 4CP G98 C - Hattrup v...lwysa
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