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2- Getting Help with Getting StartedPrintable

We understand that the process of getting started as a referee, in particular the multitude of forms and web sites, may appear overwhelming when you begin as a referee. Fortunately, there are plenty of folks who have been there before you and are more than willing to help. Do not be afraid to contact them. Here is how to contact them:

The Referee Administrator 
The referee administrator works in the LWYSA office and manages the paperwork for referees. They can help you get forms, explain how to fill them out, and explain how to get them to They can be reached via email at general@lwysa.org.
The Referee Web Site Webmaster
The Referee Assignors 
Referee Assignors are dedicated to seeing to it that LWYSA's matches have referees - and seeing to it that our referees have a chance to grow and develop at a reasonable pace. If you are having difficulty getting being assigned to matches - and you have already looked at things like the help for the assignment rules - and made sure your paperwork is in place - then your referee assignor may be a help. When you are ready for the "next level of challenge", the referee assignor is the one that will authorize it. When the system says you can't take an assignment - but everything looks like you should be able to - the referee assignor is the one that can help you. You can reach our referee assignor to refereeassignor@lwysa.org.
Referee Mentors (several people)
Referee Mentors are experienced referees that like to work with new and developing referees. They have volunteered to answer questions about the laws of the game, give suggestions on referee technique, help you navigate the sometimes confusing world of referee organizations...even just serve as a sounding board after you've had "one of those games".  The easiest way to reach them is via email to, refereementors@lwysa.org. You'd be surprised how quickly someone will respond!