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Special Note

Information about "standings" is only available for LWYSA's Fall Recreational session (U10-U13). The Labor Day Jamboree and STP programs are recreational programs in which team scores and standings are not tracked. Therefore, no standings information will be available here. The Year End Tournament is an elimination tournament whose results are maintained by the tournament committee. Therefore, results are not available via this site.

U14+ Recreational players should go to the District_II-> web site for match results and standings.

Crossfire teams should go to the web site for their league (WSPL, PDL, CYL, etc.) as appropriate.

The Standings display is intended to give coaches, parents, and players the ability to see how their team compares to others in their division. The standings are computed real-time using the match reports that are submitted by the referee. Please note that referees have 48 hours to submit reports before they are considered "late". Therefore, you should not necessarily expect the results of your matches to be immediately reflected at this site.
Using the Display
In order to see the standings for your team's division, you will need to know the gender, age, and division number of the team. You may scroll forward to find your team's division, or you may narrow down the number of divisions shown by using the search capability found at the top of the listing. Choose the appropriate gender, age, and/or division...then press search.
  • Detail Listings
    If you are interested in seeing detailed information about every game played in your division this is the option you pick. This particular display requires that you scroll through each game to find the information you may want.
  • Summary Listing
    The Summary Listing is what is normally considered Team Standings. You can readily see who is in "first place", as computed by win/loss record. To switch back and forth between these displays, you will click on some text found underneath the charts. This information is automatically updated as soon as the referee submits their report.
What if I think there is a mistake?
If you believe there is a mistake, send an email to referee.administrator@lwysa.org. Please include game date, time, and location as well as what you think the correct score should be.