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3- Recertification / Renewal: Keeping your license currentPrintable

What is Recertification?
Referee licenses are valid for a calendar year. This means that, before the end of each calendar year, referees must renew their license in order to referee in the following year. This is called "recertifying". Recertification requirements may vary from year to year and will vary based on your referee grade. For the level of referees that work LWYSA matches, this currently requires completing online education, classroom education (2 hours for the 2016 license), passing a test (it is actually imbedded in the education), and paying your license fees. This is all done through the WA State Referee-> web site.
Who must recertify?
EVERY referee's license expires at the end of the calendar year, no matter their age or grade.

There is only one exception. If you are a brand new referee, who has never (in your LIFETIME) had a US Soccer Referee license AND your brand new license was effective on or after July 1 of the year you took your class, then your license is valid for that calendar year, and the next calendar year.

For latest information, look at the WA State Referee Web Site.

Go to http://www.wareferees.org-> then click on Registration at the top of the page, then "How to Recertify". The www.wareferees.org web site is THE official place for accurate information about the recertification process.

What if I....
Most situations that a returning referee will face are addressed on the WA Referees web site. Please go there first to look for your answer. If you go there and still don't have your question answered, feel free to contact the LWYSA office and they will forward you to the right person to get your question answered.