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LWYSA U10-U12 Recreational Play
LWYSA matches for U10-U12 are played in accordance with the [a3]IFAB Laws of the Game, with a small number of LWYSA amendments or clarifications. Participants may also hear about rules or recommendations from US Soccer and Washington Youth Soccer.

LWYSA's published "Rules of Competition" summarizes any differences between these rules and local practice, as well as offers clarifications of how these rules are applied within LWYSA. You can read that document [a1]HERE.

If you have questions about a specific rule, please feel free to use our "Ask a Ref" facility.

Please see this summary-> of rule changes for 2016.

Notes for Referees
The items below are the most common questions and issues that come up concerning matches played in these competitions. Please read them before you take an assignment. If you have questions, make sure you ask a mentor or your assignor for clarification.
  1. Rosters and Player Cards

    There are no rosters or player cards to worry about. While coaches are required to have a roster with them, the Referee does not check these rosters for LWYSA in-house recreational matches.

  2. Duration of the Match

    The duration of the Match should be printed on the player card. For U-10, U11 and U12 matches, they play 30 minute halves. This is a change for 2016

  3. EarringsEvery season, players show up to play wearing items that they are not permitted to wear. Referees are REQUIRED to enforce these rules. Coaches are obligated to tell their players and parents about them. EARRINGS MAY NOT BE WORN! If the player cannot remove the earrings, they cannot play - period. Taping is not acceptable. When you do your pre-game inspection, make sure the players take them out. As a referee you have NO DISCRETION AT ALL on this and you MUST enforce it. This is not new. It is well documented for years. It is a law of the game at ALL levels of play, including the World Cup. There will be people pleading for exceptions. There will be tears because somebody "just got their ears pierced". There are no exceptions. When parents sign up their children, there is actually a screen they have to acknowledge that they read that explains this. There is NOBODY that can make an exception to this rule.
    FIFA also clarified that leather and rubber bands may not be worn. This refers to the many types of bracelets (such as the "Live Strong" and similar rubber bracelets) which appear to be safe, but have resulted in multiple reports of broken fingers. When in doubt, consult a referee mentor.
  4. Restart after Injury

    If play must be stopped by the referee because of injury, the restart (effective Fall 2014) will always be a dropped ball, which is in accordance with the FIFA Laws of the Game. Washington State used to have a special rule that awarded an IFK instead if one team was in obvious possession of the ball. That rule was eliminated May 2014, and injuries are now dealt with in accordance with the Laws of the Game.

  5. Throw-ins

    If a player takes an improper throw-in, there are no "do-overs" at U10. The other team is given the ball. Referees should consider letting very minor problems with a throw-in go without blowing their whistle. The foot that comes up a couple of inches (1 or 2) - or the player that steps onto the field because there is no room (the parents are crowding the touchline) need not be whistled. However, you MUST blow your whistle for throw-ins where a foot comes way up or the player disregards where they must be for the throw-in. Coaches need you to help the players learn to make a correct throw-in.

Notes from Previous Years
The following are the most common errors/complaints that appear in the first weeks of the season. Please focus some attention on the following:
  1. U10 (and older) Goalkeeper Safety: Sliding into the goalkeeper is wrong on at least two counts. Players can't slide to win the ball from an opponent in U10. By definition, that is at least dangerous play. Sliding into a goalkeeper is wrong at ALL levels of play. USE YOUR WHISTLE. Do it LOUD and clear the first time you see it and you won't have to worry about it the rest of the game.
  2. U10 Handballs - Deliberately handling the ball is a DIRECT FREE KICK. If anybody tells you otherwise, they are wrong. For fouls, we enforce the laws of the game, as written. Handball=DIRECT FREE KICK.
  3. Offside: Offside IS enforced beginning at U10 in LWYSA. We're getting lots of reports that our U10 refs are forgetting to enforce offside or that coaches are trying to tell you it isn't or shouldn't be. OFFSIDE IS ENFORCED AT U10.