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1- Do I need a Logon ID?Printable

Do I need an ID to use the system?
The LWYSA referee site, and its companion "Fields" site, are intended to be used by: 1- Referees, if you will officiating matches assigned by LWYSA 2- People that support the referee program (assignors, mentors, match schedulers, some club officials) 3- Coaches or "team officials" that may schedule practices If you are not one of the above, you normally will not need an ID. Most information that you may want access to (do I have a ref? Where is my team scheduled to practice? Questions about rules) is public and can be accessed by clicking on "Information" - then clicking on the appropriate option.

FIELDs: Non-Practice Use...This web site is used to manage LWYSA's assignment of fields for practices or other activities by some of LWYSA's clubs. It is NOT used when you are seeking to reserve a field for your non-LWYSA activities at the 60 Acres location. For more information about this use of the 60 Acres location, visit the 60 Acres Web site.->

What are the steps to obtain an ID?
Obtaining an ID requires that you complete the following:
  1. Register (Note: For "Field Scheduling", see below)

    Coaches and team officials that are using the system solely for scheduling practice times should not use the "register" function. Your ID will be set up for you by a referee administrator. When they are done, you will be sent an email. Referees must register. Click on Logon on the left side of the screen. Register will appear. Click on "Register", then complete the form. This step is a "request" to access the site. When you provide your name, please provide your full legal name (for example, enter "Daniel", not "Dan").

  2. Await Confirmation

    Your request for an ID is sent to an LWYSA administrator. That administrator will verify that you should have access to the site. The administrator may call you or e-mail you and request additional information. When your authorization to access the site has been approved, you will be sent an email. Your confirmation will normally come within 3 business days. If it does not, send an email to refereeadministrator@lwysa.org to determine your status.

  3. Read Your Email

    After the administrator approves your request, you will be sent an email with a link in it. You have a limited amount of time that the link is valid - so once you submit a request, check your email at least daily. Click on the link. You will be required to select a password. In addition, you will be asked a series of questions that will help you reset your password should you forget it. After you have been given access to the system, you will be required to read an Agreement, before you are able to begin work within the site. This Agreement explains to you your responsibilites when using the site and LWYSA's responsibilities to you. In addition, you may see a second agreement. If you are a referee, this agreement outlines your responsibilities when you choose to accept an assignment as a referee. You should read this agreement carefully, as it describes in detail LWYSA's expectations of our referees. If you have any questions at all, you should STOP and contact the LWYSA Referee Administrator before continuing. If you are a coach or team official, you will see an agreement that outlines LWYSA's expectations of users of the fields that we make available to you.

  4. Accept the Agreement

    When you understand the agreement, you should click the button at the bottom of the page indicating that you "accept" the terms of the agreement. You will then be given access to the appropriate parts of the web site.

How Long Does This Take?
Most requests for an ID will be processed within 3 business days. The Washington State Patrol form and the W-4 form must be on file in the LWYSA office before you will receive permission to use the system. If you have not received a response after 3 days and have not been contracted by the referee administrator, please send an e-mail to: referee.administrator@lwysa.org.