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What's New?
Tuesday April 27th, 2021
* 2021 Spring & Fall Soccer Games
All of LWYSA recreational and Crossfiresoccer games will be assigned by EKCSRA this year.
If you want to referee games please register on their website at www.ekcsra.org.More
Tuesday March 16th, 2021
* SPRING TRAINING PROGRAM referees will be assigned by EKCSRAMore
Wednesday August 21st, 2019
* U11 OFFSIDE - To be very clear - LWYSA's U11 recreational games are played under Washington Youth Soccer rules. These rules, which reflect the US Soccer Federation's Player Development Initiative, say that, in deviation from the FIFA Laws of the Game, a player cannot be in an offside position until they have passed the Build Out Line. Some select and premier teams play in leagues that play under US Club Soccer rules. They are different. LWYSA's recreational matches for U10-U12 play under the rules linked here ->More
Friday July 12th, 2019
* Make sure there is a check mark next to your team name on the right hand side. This tells the system which team it is trying to find fields for.
Monday July 8th, 2019
* Deleting a Practice So you've scheduled a practice, but now can't figure out how to cancel what you've scheduled? Click here -->More
Monday June 25th, 2018
* LWYSA only employs referees 14 and older.