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Welcome to Lake Washington Youth Soccer Association's Referee Program Home Page. LWYSA serves the Lake Washington School District community in King County, Washington. We assign referees for LWYSA's programs.

If you are interested in becoming a referee click on Information, go to FAQ and read the requirements under New Referee.

If you are a USSF Licensed RefereeTerm and are interested in working for LWYSA click on Logon and follow the instructions under Register.

If you are a current LWYSA referee you can access the secure portions of our website by clicking Logon and identifying yourself using your site name and password. Please remember to log off when you are finished with your session.

Coaches, Parents, and Players: Under Information you can learn the rules of the game, access U10-U12 game schedules, check U10-U12 team's standings and even file a referee evaluation. You can also find field locations throughout the association.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you were successful in locating the information you were seeking. If you have questions or comments about using this SiteTerm, or are experiencing difficulties using this site, please send a note to . For all other questions or issues related to the referee program, please send a note to .

What's New?
Wednesday September 20th, 2017
* ball ball ball ball ball ball ball ball ball ball ball ball ball ball ball
WEDNESDAY NIGHT FIFTEEN U10-U12 games need refs this Saturday. If you need the $$$ or need the exercise - here's how to get both! Its still easy to get back to back assignments throughout the day - even 3-4 in a row!
Tuesday September 19th, 2017
* THREE WeekNight games - in need of refs - 3 on Thursday. Because many of our referees have a hard time getting there (work or school schedules don't let them get there on time) these are often hard to cover. If you are one of the ones that CAN get free - it helps a lot, even if you can only take one!
* ATTENTION U10 REFS - if you have signed up to work a match at Marymoor this coming Saturday afternoon, please be aware that those games are being moved to accommodate other park activities this Saturday. Please log on and see where your game has been moved. If you are able to take the new assignment, please "confirm" you can by clicking on the confirm . If not, let us know ASAP by clicking on reject . Please do this ASAP.
Monday September 11th, 2017
* New Referee Clinic - As many of you are experiencing, there is an extreme shortage of referees. A new clinic has been added for September 25, 27 in Redmond. Please consider becoming a referee in support of your daughter or son's program. All clinics are signed up for through the Washington State Referee Committee web site. You can attend a clinic anywhere (you don't need to go to one in your association). Click here then select "Become a referee: Never been a USSF referee before" ->More
Friday September 8th, 2017
* IMPORTANT REMINDER - In U10 and U11 play, deliberate heading is not permitted. (if it is done, the other team gets an IFK) - Also, the GK may not punt or drop kick the ball. Finally, some versions of the rules (including the "wallet card" that prints for referees) may incorrectly state that U11 play is 7v7 - U11 play is 9v9.
Thursday September 7th, 2017
* LWYSA only employs referees 14 and older.
Friday June 17th, 2016

This year, as in years past, there is a shortage of referees. This will result in far more games going without referees. YOU can be a part of the solution.
LWYSA is always in search of folks willing to help out by being a referee. Here's a starting point to get answers to your common questions or concerns...

Common Questions-->Click here

Why be a ref?-->Click here

Most referee classes are held in the Spring and Summer. Watch here for class information, or check the Washington State Referee site for a complete list of WA State Entry Level clinics. You may attend classes anywhere, but to find close by classes, we are "District 2 - East King County".More