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The information below should help you figure out the best way to communicate with people when you need help with something related to the services provided by LWYSA or this web site.

LWYSA's Main Web Site
This web site is a working website used to schedule practices or assign referees to matches. You can find additional information about LWYSA by visiting the primary web site for the association at http://www.lwysa.org This site will describe LWYSA's programs, provide you the opportunity to sign up to play soccer, and has a complete list of who to call under the heading of "About Us". Using that information is generally the best way to get quick and timely answers to your questions. If you still need assistance, LWYSA's office staff will be happy to help you. You may:
  1. Call the soccer office at (425) 821-1741 during business hours or
  2. Send an e-mail to [a1]general@lwysa.org
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